1940 – Today
The formation of cooperatives helped unify efforts to recuperate vineyards. Rural banks negotiated 1,479 loans with farmers throughout the region. The devoted managed to adapt despite the downturn. Some outsiders with a spirit of adventure and a belief in the distinction of the Priorat worked hard in the vineyards and the marketplace to restore the reputation of the wines. In 1954 the Priorat was given the Designation of Origin (DO) for its wines. This documented the value of the region and prepared the way for its rapid rise in the decades to follow.

Right Arrow 1932 Today Right Arrow

Once free of the disruption of the civil war,
the Priorat is designated as a DO


René Barbier and family arrive in the
Priorat and invite friends to join in
pursuit of a dream



René and friends release their first
individually produced 1991 vintage wines to
the world and everything changes

The Priorat is designated a DOQ
(Denomination of Qualification).
Only the Rioja also possesses this
designation in Spain


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