Elizabeth Hecker

Storyteller, Photographer, Designer, Art Director

My goal is to tell stories that are informative and compelling and offer new ways to know wine. I use words to create images and images to create impressions. My connection to wine comes from the strong sense that it has the power to carry the voice of nature, history and human spirit within every glass.

I began creating brands for wine compelled by a desire to learn about the vineyards, proprietors’ dreams and winemaker’s visions inside each glass. The essence of each story informed a visual vocabulary that defined strong and timeless identities. My curiosity expanded and I began attending international tastings to experience wines from around the world. Along the way I discovered what is meaningful in life. That story defined itself when I tasted a wine from the Priorat.

Michael Lamotte

Food/Wine Photographer

Lamotte Studios is a San Francisco-based full-service photography and video studio, from concept through post production, with a fully color-managed workflow. For Michael, technology, creativity and problem solving are intertwined. He is known for his refined aesthetic, a talent for making ordinary objects seem extraordinary and an affable disposition.

Michael has been shooting wine, food and still-life photography for over 20 years. His images can be seen worldwide in advertising campaigns, on food packaging and in countless cookbooks. He is passionate about local-food movements and has created, a collection of food portraiture, to encourage appreciation for artisanal traditions.

Amy Nathan

Food/Wine Stylist

Amy Nathan is a San Francisco-based photo stylist who specializes in still life and food. She has over 25 years of experience working with both advertising and editorial clients and is the author/stylist of three cookbooks.

Amy's curiosity for distinction and culturally expressive shapes, colors, aromas and flavors has taken her to street markets and restaurants all over the world. Her attention to detail and unique visual concepts are the hallmarks of her work as a creative consultant for photographers, magazine editors and new product development.

Other Contributors

  • Wine Video Editing
    Luke Goodman
  • Nature/Spirit Video Editing
    Jeremiah Williams
  • Priorat Map Illustration
    Dave Stevenson
  • Wine Flavor Intro Photograph
    Deborah Jones Studio, San Francisco
  • Memories of 1970s Priorat
    The Barril Vincente Family
  • Cinta Domènech Piqué Poems/Photos
    The Ahumada Family
  • Historical Photography
    Ramon Alabart i Sans courtesy of
    Maria Glòria Biosca i Alabart
  • Regional Information
    DOQ Priorat
    Jordi Vidal Pardenilla
    Carles Miró Family
    Louisa & Julio Bréton
    Ricard Mayol Family
    Jaume Sabaté Family

  • And all the others who have shared
    their stories and infused life to this


Regional Historian

Anna Figueras has worked for the Museum of Reus since 1989 and was appointed director in 1993. She has a master’s degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Tarragona, specializing in historical and ethnographic research of agricultural and food-related products such as wine and olive oil. She firmly believes that a clear understanding of the cultural heritage of agrarian life will benefit society today. She uses her museographical experience in the field of cultural tourism as the director of a plan to interpret the cultural heritage of wine in the Priorat region.


DOQ Priorat Geologist

Óscar Borràs is a geographer who specializes in geomorphology, the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them. Through a combination of field observations, physical experiments and numerical modeling, geomorphologists seek to understand the history and dynamics of formation and why landscapes look the way they do. His work with the DOQ is part of an effort to control development and preserve the landscape of the Priorat. He has conducted extensive research on the constitution of rocks of the Priorat and written many articles on landscape and its lithology.


Regional Biologist

Montse Nadal is a professor of viticulture in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Tarragona, a position she has held since December 1988. She obtained her PhD in 1993 at the University of Barcelona. She has also studied in the departments of viticulture and enology at the Institut des Produits de la Vigne in Montpellier; the University of California, Davis; and ARC-Infruitec/Nietvoorbij in Stellenbosch. She currently coordinates a sommelier program for the University of Tarragona. Her research includes the influences of soil, climate and other factors on the quality of wine.


Viticulturist, Enologist

Grounded with a PhD in viticulture, enology and biotechnology, Antoni is a grower and producer of wine, olive oil and beer. He began his studies as a scientist, but after a serendipitous course in wine tasting he changed directions and pursued a degree in enology from the University of Tarragona, with studies in Bordeaux and ongoing experiences in other parts of the world, including California and New Zealand. Antoni's academic knowledge supports his intuitive relationship with nature. He believes everything comes from a place and he strives to give each place vivid expression.

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